Monday, August 25, 2014

5 Years & Growing

 For any non-profit, or business, the fifth-year of existence is a true milestone.  Looking over our five years of growth and development, the ability of Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes to honor, support, assist and memorialize our Fallen Heroes and/or their families has seen tremendous growth.   Our initial dream was simply to honor and pay tribute to all Peace Officers and Firefighters that died in the line of duty in California.  Since our formation in 2009, however, we’ve accomplished so much more. 

We have not only honored the service of 21
Peace Officers and 14 Firefighters that died in the line of duty, but have also given thousands in financial aid to their families, posted many memorial banners in tribute and assisted agencies and families with memorial service needs.

     This has been our way of saying thank you for the service of these men and women who died while protecting our communities.

     None of our accomplishments or ability to assist would be possible, however, without all of you, our partners, volunteers and supporters!  Our philosophy is this: These HEROES protect our communities 24/7.  When one of them pays the ultimate sacrifice, it is our duty, as Americans, to step forward as a community, in show of solidarity and support, to those agencies and families that have lost so much.

     Our organization is able to respond to the immediate needs that come when there is a Line of Duty Death incident.  Our resources and personnel do have limits, however, and we need YOU!!!  Whether it is the power of corporate America, the mass reach of Professional Sports or the citizens of our local neighborhoods, EVERYONE plays an important role in supporting our Fallen Heroes.

     Thank you for your continued support and being part of our “TEAM”!